Final Paper Guidelines

Please revise your paper carefully based on the comments of reviewers. Papers must be formatted according to the Procedia template. Failure to do so may result in the exclusion of your paper from the proceedings. Please read the authors' instructions carefully before preparing your papers. Each paper is allowed to have 10 pages in the final camera-ready copy. At least one full paying author of each accepted paper must register for the conference before the deadline. Procedia CS and the CoCoNet'19 do not accept papers exceeding 10 pages.
Copyright Transfer: Elsevier has an automated exclusive license transfer process. The copyright form will be directly sent to the Authors after the conference at the time of production.
Before uploading your camera ready paper on EDAS, please:
  • Check that title and abstract in EDAS match your camera-ready paper exactly.
  • Please use Title Case for the paper title, i.e. capitalising all main words.
  • Compare all author names in EDAS with the author list in your paper. They MUST BE identical and in the same order. The missing names on EDAS will not appear in the copyright form.
  • Do not use academic titles such as Dr., Professor, HoD, Director your final paper.
Please note that the abstract and title should be readable stand-alone and not contain any references or unexplained acronyms. You are allowed to modify abstract and author list yourself in EDAS. Maximum size limits of a paper submitted in CoCoNet'19  is 10 pages in single column Procedia CS style. Please ensure that all the figures are of 300 DPI resolutions. Authors MUST use Procedia CS template given below for submitting their papers while strictly following the guidelines provided here

The templates can be downloaded here:

                             Microsoft Word           Latex

  • Do not make any changes to the structure of the template as this can lead to production errors.
  • Do not alter the formatting and style layouts which have been set up in the template document Procedia Computer Science.
  • Add the names of all authors and their affiliations.
  • Add the phone number, fax number and email address of the corresponding author only at the bottom of the first page.
Important Steps
  1. Complete your registration. The instructions for completing your registration are posted at .  
  2. Logon to EDAS and choose your paper.
  3. Enter presenter details (The name of presenter can be changed before finalising the program)
  4. Upload your Camera ready paper (Final Manuscript) in PDF format (Please strcilty follow Procedia CS Template).
  5. Upload the source files of your camera ready paper (Latex/MS-WORD - doc or docx) - All Latex files should be submitted as a single zipped file.
  6. Upload a PDF file which contains the list of revisions you have made on your final paper (answers to reviewers' queries). This is mandatory.

► ►  Preparing for Oral Presentation

► ►  Download Poster Template   
Use the below screenshot to understand various steps to upload all files in EDAS: