Birds of a Feather Sessions (BoFs)


A) New Social Paradigms from New Technologies - How to Build Novel Models of Transdisciplinary Security, Integrity and Authenticity in the Messy Human World of the Information Polity.  (Decemebr 20, 2019  15.15 - 16.15 )

Note: the organizers other than Michael Losavio will present short videos or via teleconferencing.

  • A short bio for each organizer:
    • Michael Losavio is an assistant professor of criminal justice focusing on issues of law and technology, from information security to digital forensics.
    • Svetlana Polyakova is a professor and assistant dean, focusing on language issues in law and legal practice and the development of international linkages between peoples.
    • Pavel Pastukov is a professor of criminal law and criminalistics with a focus on offenses involving computers and information technologies; he is a former police colonel for Perm.
    • Alec Yasinsac is the professor and dean of the School of Computing at South Alabama; his interests are security protocols, intrusion detection, digital forensics and security of electronic voting.
  • Brief topic description

Dissatisfaction with information security in our world of pervasive computing has led to calls for new paradigms to secure the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of often vital information. Some paradigms represent old-style authoritarian control of information, hindering benefits for education and enlightenment. Others transfer responsibility and autonomy to individuals themselves.

This session discusses ways technologies, law and political must come together to create a coherent, beneficial regime of information security. The IBM Skills Academy Design Thinking model guides our iterative solution session on what next to do.



Call for Proposals - Birds of a Feather Session at CoCoNet'19

We are pleased to announce that the CoCoNet'19 will feature "Birds of a Feather" sessions. A Birds of a Feather (BoF) session provides a gathering place and discussion forum for those interested in the same issues and concepts. BoFs can be organized for sharing ideas on specific topics, narrow or broad. These are not workshops or sessions where people present papers, but open, "brainstorming" forums for attendees who want to get together with others to share their current interests, goals, technology, environment, or backgrounds. BoFs are an excellent forum for lively, open discussion.

If you want to organize and run a Birds of a Feather session (30 - 60 minutes), please send a proposal by 12th of December at The sessions will be conducted on the third day of the confernece.

A BoF proposal must include:

  • BoF Title
  • Organizer(s) Information (name, email, affiliation)
  • a short bio (up to 250 words) for each organizer
  • brief topic description (up to 250 words) and
  • the target audience