Full Paper for Symposium Due: May 01, 2018
Notification of Acceptance: May 30, 2018
Final Version Due: June 30, 2018
Symposium on Engineering Applications of Machine Learning (EAML'18) 
Topics of interest: Aerospace, Manufacturing, Logistics/Supply Chains, Mechanical Eng, Industrial and Systems Engineering, New generation of Machine Learning algorithms, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning, High-performance and cheap sensors, Extreme performance via GPU computing, Robotics and Intelligent machines.
Symposium on Industry 4.0 and Beyond (Industry 4.0)
Topics of interest: IoT (Internet of Things), the convergence of IT and OT, rapid application development, digital twin simulation models, cyber-physical systems, advanced robots and cobots, additive manufacturing, autonomous production, consistent engineering across the entire value chain, data collection and provisioning, horizontal and vertical integration, the cloud, big data analytics, virtual/augmented reality and edge computing.
Symposium on Emerging Topics in Wireless, Optical Communications and Sensing Technologies (TOST'18)
Topics of interest: Optical signal processing, Advances in optical networking, Photonic Communication Systems and Networks, All-Optical Communication Systems, Passive optical networks, Active optical networks, Efficient Optical Communication Systems, Microwave Photonics, Optical Fibers, Modelling and Optimization, Visible light communication, Optical MIMO, Radio over Fiber (RoF), Optical Amplifiers, Optical sensors technologies, Optical network management, High-speed Antennas and electromagnetic fields, Channel characterization, PHY techniques, MIMO techniques, Energy harvesting, Software-defined radio and cognitive radio, Wireless network security, Cross-layer optimization, Regulatory issues, Ad-hoc and cell-based networking, Resource allocation, Multiple access and scheduling, Network technologies & architectures, Cellular-Wi-Fi, Acoustic communications.
Symposium on Approximate Computing and Artificial Intelligence (ACAI'18)
Topics of interest: Architecture, In Software, Approximate Languages, Programmer Tools, Probabilistic Languages, Robustness Analysis, Application Tolerance Studies, Security, VLSI chips, Real-time systems, Applications in computing.
Symposium on Future Generation Computing and Electronic Systems (FGCE'18)
Topics of interest: Novel applications for novel e-infrastructures, Complex workflow applications, Big Data registration, processing and analyses, Problem solving environments and virtual laboratories, Semantic and knowledge based systems, Collaborative infrastructures and virtual organizations, Methods for high performance and high throughput computing, Urgent computing, Distributed dynamic resource management and scheduling, Information management, Protocols and emerging standards, Methods and tools for internet computing, Security aspects, Process specification, Program and algorithm design, Theoretical aspects of large scale communication and computation, Scaling and performance theory, Protocols and their verification.
Symposium on Security and Privacy in Distributed and Networking Systems (SPDN'18)
Topics of interest: Security and Privacy in Internet, Security and Privacy in Distributed Systems, Security and Privacy in Pervasive Computing, Security and Privacy in Sensor Networks, Security and Privacy in Ad Hoc Networks, Security and Privacy in Wireless Networks.